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Sometimes I wonder if the desire for intentional, conscious community is in my bones. Or maybe it was embedded in some other portion of my DNA. Regardless of where it originated in this physical body, if at all, it is definitely a longing of my soul. Conscious dance was much the same. So was farm life.

They were like a deep yearning that I could not exactly place until the conditions were right to allow them to unfold, or simply for me to find them. And then, when found, my soul would sigh… “Ahhhh, THIS is what I was calling you towards all this time!”

My first experience of farm life, something I had very little experience with as a child, was like a “coming home” to me. I felt like I had been on the farm all of my life. Every fiber of my being sung with resonance. Twelve years later the resonance with farm life feels just as strong.

Conscious, free-form dance was the same. I had always enjoyed dance classes and dancing with friends as a child and young adult, but it always felt so limiting and contrived in so many ways. There was a deeper yearning to express through movement, but I could not find the truly free avenue I craved. When the time was ripe, around 20, the universe aligned me with a taste of what was possible in Massachusetts through Barefoot Boogies. Thirteen years later, again, here I am resonating even deeper with the conscious dance as it opens and heals me in so many profound ways.

And now is the time for community. Deep, yet playful, conscious and intentional community. I can feel the resonance with ever fiber of my being. It calls to me, reminding me of the soul agreement I made before this life ever began.

Conscious dance, farm, community… these soul agreements are, for me, as powerful as any agreement with any human or non-human soul mate. They are soul mates of a kind. They are not dreams, hopes or aspirations. They are more accurately deep callings of the soul to be experienced to serve my human form and my soul’s growth.

So, honor your longings and deepest desires. In their purest form they are the guidance from your soul calling you to an integral piece in your path. And never worry that they may never come. If the longing was planted, it was meant to be fulfilled in this lifetime. It may take longer than you would prefer to manifest. It may show up differently in physical form than you expected. But, it is meant to arrive. Have faith.  http://expandingjoycoaching.com/blog/

Is Drama taking over your life?

Is drama slowly destroying all of your relationships?

Is drama slowly destroying your quality of life?


Most people don’t realize they have a say when it comes to drama.


Most people don’t realize drama is addictive. Drama is contagious. Drama is drama, interesting and fascinating to watch, but when it is happening to you…it can send you spinning out of control.


Some people like drama, and hang around other dramatic people. Others hate drama. This is for those people.


What is Drama?

It is action, verbal or physical meant to get attention towards yourself in the largest, biggest way possible so that you can be seen or heard.


Drama is only shared when you choose to participate. Period.

This is the answer to ending drama.


The person wielding the drama stick has no one to fight with, if there is no one there or no response back. These are for the people who feed off of drama, and having others sucked into there own drama.


Another way to end drama, is respond peacefully with love. Be understanding to the little boy or girl who is screaming to be seen or heard under it all. They probably feel really alone. They probably really need to be told that it will all be ok, and people are out there that love them. Share with them how you feel that is something similar that you can relate to with them, ask how you can help.


If this doesn’t work, then the person is addicted to communicating with drama. The bigger, the louder, the more intense, aggressive and mean…that will get people’s attention.

They don’t realize the damage that it is causing them and others. And they don’t care. Pure self-destruction.


People like this have to eventually experience isolation. They will lose all of their friends and family slowly over time, as people lose patience in being around them.


You can only have compassion, but it is most important to live your life. It is important to be true to yourself and honor peace.



Light of Atlantis

Please enjoy this incredible version of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke



The Prayer To Our Father

(in the original Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke-The Aramaic Language doesn't distinguish between means and purpose, inside quality and outside acting. Both are given simultaneously: what you've sown, you'll harvest. When Jesus relates to the "Kingdom of Heaven" he means the Kingdom inside and in the middle amongst us. Also "the next one" is inside and outside just as the whole Self. The arbitrary borders between spirit, body and soul fall apart. The Aramaic has (like the Hebrew and Arabic) different levels of meaning. The words are organized and defined by a poetical system where different meanings of every word are possible. So, every line of the Lords Prayer could be translated to English in many different versions).

Abwûn "Oh Thou, from whom the breath of life comes,

d'bwaschmâja who fills all realms of sound, light and vibration.

Nethkâdasch schmach May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.

Têtê malkuthach. Your Heavenly Domain approaches.

Nehwê tzevjânach aikâna d'bwaschmâja af b'arha. Let Your will come true - in the universe (all that vibrates) just as on earth (that is material and dense).

Hawvlân lachma d'sûnkanân jaomâna. Give us wisdom (understanding, assistance) for our daily need,

Waschboklân chaubên wachtahên aikâna daf chnân schwoken l'chaijabên. detach the fetters of faults that bind us, (karma) like we let go the guilt of others.

Wela tachlân l'nesjuna Let us not be lost in superficial things (materialism, common temptations),

ela patzân min bischa. but let us be freed from that what keeps us off from our true purpose.

Metol dilachie malkutha wahaila wateschbuchta l'ahlâm almîn. From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act, the song that beautifies all and renews itself from age to age.

Amên. Sealed in trust, faith and truth. (I confirm with my entire being)

Light of Atlantis

The guru is in me?

Q: You end every message with the phrase, "The guru is in you." Does this mean I am my own guru and don't need any outer guru or teachers? A: No, it doesn't mean that. We all need outer knowledge to open ourselves to inner experience. The phrase is intended as a constant reminder that your enlightenment depends on you more than anyone, because it is only through your desire and action that divine experience can rise in you. It is only through your nervous system that pure bliss consciousness and divine ecstasy can be known. You cannot delegate it. It is only by you making a daily effort to purify your nervous system that anything can happen. It is you who are making the journey. Maybe your journey means surrendering at the feet of an outer guru for your whole life. Or maybe it means purifying yourself by following a number of teachers over your lifetime. Whatever the outer relationships turn out to be, it is the divine expression coming from inside through your heart's longing that will lead you to them. What happens outside is a reflection of what is happening inside, not the other way around. This is the meaning of, "The guru is in you." If we long deeply inside, we will attract the teachings we need. Then it is up to us to take advantage of the blessings we have attracted, and act. If we do, then there will be an expansion inside -- an expansion of pure bliss consciousness and awakened divine ecstasy within us. We will find whoever or whatever ideal we have chosen expanding within us also. So, the guru is inside, even as we may be interacting with him or her in form (or forms) on the outside. Outer teachers and gurus are storehouses of spiritual knowledge and energy we attract and are drawn to on our journey to the infinite. Ultimately, our interaction with them is inside. Inside is where the rubber meets the road. The guru is a flow of consciousness that begins in us, travels outward on our desire, connects outer knowledge, and then expands inside us as the knowledge is applied. There is the old saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." A question we should ask ourselves every day is, "What have I done lately to get ready?" The guru is in you. Note: For more on divine attraction, see the AYP Bhakti and Karma Yoga book. http://aypsite.com/57.html
In the last lesson we discussed mulabandha, which is applying direct stimulation near the lower end of the spinal nerve (sushumna) to enliven sexual energy upward. Now we are going to the top end of the spinal nerve and begin to make a connection there. A connection with what? This is one of the most amazing things about working with the spinal nerve. As the spinal nerve gradually becomes purified through pranayama and meditation, a new kind of experience becomes possible. We begin to awaken sexual energy in an upward direction near the root, and then we make a connection between the lower and upper ends of the spinal nerve. This connection is real and can be felt clearly by the practitioner as a kind of conductivity through the spinal nerve, an ?ecstatic conductivity,? if you will. The spinal nerve becomes a conductor of ecstatic experience. From there it spreads out through all the nerves in the body. This is perceived directly through all five senses operating inside the body. As the experience of ecstatic conductivity goes deeper into every cell in the body, the senses go inward with it. The experience is so pleasurable and captivating that the senses cannot resist following. It is a unique situation where the senses willingly go inward instead of outward. In yoga terminology it is called pratyahara ? withdrawal of the senses inward. It is a perfectly natural situation as the experiences of huge inner pleasure lead our senses inward. It is great fun too. Some say more fun than worldly sex. Well, you can be the judge of that. With mulabandha we began the process of directly stimulating ecstatic conductivity in the body. When we first start this, it is sexually stimulating and a bit distracting. The vital essences gradually work their way higher, enlivening the higher energy centers in the body. Over time, the experience grows into something more expansive than worldly sexual feelings. To facilitate this process, we will employ more advanced yoga practices. Each level of experience comes up naturally once the door has been opened a little using the necessary levers. The body was designed for ecstasy, and even a small taste is enough to convince the skeptic. There is nothing like direct experience. The goal in these lessons is to enable you to have direct experiences, so you will be engaging in practices based on your own experiences, rather than by rote, or by blind faith. Your progression through advanced yoga practices is designed to be experience-based. So, what we will do now is stimulate the spinal nerve as it comes to the point between the eyebrows. This stimulation is called, ?sambhavi.? We will do this during our regular pranayama session at the same time we are doing everything else that has been given. Be sure you are stable in your pranayama practice as you consider taking on sambhavi. Things may still be a bit hectic with mulabandha. It is okay to introduce sambhavi with sexual energy bouncing around in the lower regions, as sambhavi will help bring sexual energy up higher where it will become more stable. Sambhavi and mulabandha work together that way ? stimulating and stabilizing sexual energy traveling up and down the spinal nerve during spinal breathing. There are two main components to sambhavi. First is a gentle furrowing of the brow, the point between the eyebrows. It is bringing the two eyebrows slightly toward the center. This is barely physical, mostly just an intention. It is only physical enough to allow feedback for a habit to form. Under normal circumstances it will not be visible to an outside observer. Maybe only a little in the beginning stage. With practice, you will find that this is really an internal movement reaching back into the center of your brain, pulling the center of your brain forward toward the point between the eyebrows. We begin this internal activity with the brow-furrowing impulse just described. It will evolve naturally after that, as ecstatic conductivity arises. You will feel it working inside your head. The second component of sambhavi is a physical raising of the eyes toward the point where the furrowing is happening at the point between the eyebrows. The sensation of furrowing at the point between the eyebrows is where the eyes will go. This will involve some raising and some centering of the eyes. We keep the eyes comfortably closed as we do it. We don?t force the eyes. In the beginning, they may not go as far up as we would like. That is okay. Do not force them. Just let them gravitate naturally toward the sensation of furrowing at the point between the eyebrows. Again, it is a subtle physical habit we want to cultivate. Once the habit in place, the attention is free for spinal breathing. All of pranayama is physical habit, except for the attention going very simply up and down the spinal nerve with the breath. As we become adept at it, everything will be happening automatically, with our attention completely free to be easily going up and down inside the spinal nerve, which will be transforming before our inner sight. As we do these two things simultaneously, the slight furrowing of the center of the brow and the raising and centering of the eyes to that point between the eyebrows, we continue all the other elements of pranayama just as before. It should be pointed out that as the attention goes up and down in the spinal nerve with the breath, the eyes remain aimed up toward the point between the eyebrows. We are not looking through our eyes with our attention. Our attention is going up and down in the spinal nerve. We do not try and look at the point between the eyebrows with the attention through the physical eyes. The eyes are physically going there, but our attention is going up and down in the spinal nerve. In fact, our physical eyes aren?t doing anything other than muscular. When they are going up to the point between the eyebrows, the eyes are physically stimulating the spinal nerve all the way back through the brain and all the way down through the spine to the perineum. We are using our eyes in a physical way to awaken the spinal nerve. Meanwhile, our vision (attention) is in and through the spinal nerve, easily going up and down inside. It is a new kind of seeing we are beginning, an inner seeing. Depending on how far you have gone in purification of the spinal nerve so far in pranayama, when you do sambhavi you may feel a sensation all the way down in the pelvic region. Or you may not. Either way, the spinal nerve is being stimulated and purified by the combined effects of all the practices covered to date. It is only a matter of time before the ecstatic conductivity begins to occur and we start to ?see,? really see. When it happens, there will be more milestones we will observe on our journey home. First we will perceive the spinal nerve inside to be like an ecstatic thread. Then it becomes like an ecstatic string. Then it is like an ecstatic rope. Later on, like a big column of ecstasy filling our entire body. Finally, it goes out in all directions and gently encompasses everything we perceive outside our body. All this emanates out from the spinal nerve. So you can see how important traveling the spinal nerve and cultivating ecstatic conductivity is. Even before advanced yoga practices, there is biological precedence for what we are discussing here. Perhaps at some time in the past you have noticed some pleasurable feelings in your pelvic region when you crossed your eyes. It is common knowledge that the eyes tend to cross and raise up at times during the sex act. There is an instinct there. Something in us knows how to raise the sexual energy up through the center of the nervous system. It is an inherent ability we have, a natural reaction that is observable even before undertaking yoga. With mulabandha and sambhavi, we are consciously promoting a natural ability inside us, just as we have been doing with all of the advanced yoga practices discussed from the beginning. And so it shall be with all the practices we discuss in the future. We are systematically awakening what we already have ? our spinal nerve, our highway to heaven. The point between the eyebrows is called, ?the third eye.? Why? What is it that we can see through there? In the language of chakras, it is called, ?ajna,? which means, ?command? or ?control.? These two descriptions point to the importance of the energy dynamics that come up in our head as a result of advanced yoga practices. Not only do we begin to see something there, but we also are in command there. Jesus said, ?If your eye be single, your body will be filled with light.? This is usually taken figuratively to mean, if we are one-pointed in our devotion we will be filled with the light of God. This is certainly true. We have emphasized the importance of devotion on the spiritual journey. Without single-minded devotion to spiritual transformation, and action in the form of daily practice, not much will happen. These words of Jesus also have a literal meaning -- a very literal meaning. If your attention becomes centered in the single channel of the spinal nerve, taking it to the point between the eyebrows again and again, your body will become filled with light. This is how it happens. Sambhavi is one of the most important means by which the third eye is opened. In opening the third eye, all that is below is activated as well. Sambhavi has direct influence through the spinal nerve on sexual energy. As purification of the nervous system progresses, sambhavi gives us a great degree of control over the cultivation and rise of sexual energy. This, in turn, gives rise to the experience of increasing ecstasy in the body, which includes profound experiences of divine light surging through every nerve in us. Our body is ?filled with light.? As this transformation continues, we also begin to see beyond the body. We find that the spinal nerve doesn?t stop at the point between the eyebrows, but extends out far beyond it. As we observe this, our spinal breathing takes on a new dimension. The third eye opens! The guru is in you. Note: For detailed instructions on sambhavi mudra, see the AYP Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas book. http://aypsite.com/56.html
Now we are ready to add some new elements of practice to our pranayama session. That is, in the writing and reading we are. In terms of your actual practice, it will depend very much on your time line. To review, you may want to go back and reread the lesson called, "What is your time line?" Everyone is different, and you should only take on new practices according to your capacity. This means you should be stable and comfortable in your current pranayama and meditation routine before you undertaken new techniques. If you are borderline and go for it, you will find out soon enough if you are taking on too much. That's okay. If you find that you are taking on too much too soon, just go back to a comfortable level of practice and try again later. Design a more gradual approach for yourself. No harm done. The American president, Teddy Roosevelt, said, "A man's reach must exceed his grasp." That obviously goes for women too. That is how we progress. But don't lose your hand in the process. Use your common sense, and only take on what you can digest in a reasonable period of time. The knowledge will be there when you are ready for it. It should be emphasized that the practices we will be discussing are not recommended without daily practice of both pranayama and meditation. If you try them without pranayama and meditation, you won't get much out of them. And you could end up going in the wrong direction, to boot. So, with that, we will look at a practice called, "mulabandha." The translation for that is, "root lock." The words are much stronger than the actual practice. Everything we do here is gentle. Gentle persuasion, you could say. We want to gently coax our nervous system to a higher level of functioning. Not force it. Mulabandha is simple to do. Yet, it will take some getting used to. Just about all of the advanced yoga practices we undertake have to go through a clunky stage, where it feels strange until we settle in with it. It is like that with most things in life we try for the first time. We have to get through the clunky stage with just about anything new. Remember how it was the first time you cranked up a computer? Talk about clunky. With mulabandha, we sit in pranayama like we always do. As we do, we lightly flex our anal sphincter muscle and hold it. That is, lightly. It is barely beyond the intention into the physical sensation. What we want to do is develop the habit of holding this light flex of the anal sphincter throughout our pranayama session. At the same time, while we do this, we lightly flex and pull up above the flexed anal sphincter, through the pelvis, and into our lower belly. There will be little physical movement, just a little beyond the intention, just enough to create a physical habit with. Later on, just the slightest intention will be enough to send sexual energy flying upward. What we are doing now is beginning the development of a new sensitivity in the pelvic region. As discussed in earlier lessons, pranayama draws the prana up from the pelvis through a biological process having to do with the gentle restraint of oxygen in the body. We are now helping that rising prana with some direct stimulation, amplifying its upward flow. Mulabandha is a physical maneuver that quickly becomes a habit. In the beginning, our attention will be drawn to the sexual sensations it produces. It will be distracting for a while. That is normal. The aroused sexual energy may want to go down as much as up at first. That is normal too. We just continue with our pranayama practice as always, easily favoring our spinal breathing. This brings the energy up and down in our spinal nerve. In time, we will feel pleasurable sensations higher up, and the event of sexual energy going down during pranayama will become a rarity, and, eventually, never. How much time? Days? Weeks? Months? It depends on the practitioner. It will happen with practice, and according to the unique course of purification occurring in the nervous system. At times during pranayama we may notice that mulabandha becomes unflexed. That is okay. When we notice, we just easily reestablish that flexed intention and continue spinal breathing. The occasional releasing and reflexing is normal, and has another name, "asvini mudra." We won't deliberately do that now. It will happen of its own accord. In time, a very subtle undulation will naturally occur in the pelvic region, and above. Associated with it is much pleasure and inner luminosity. As sexual energy circulates up through the body, a new functioning arises on its own ? a new biology. We are initiating it with these advanced yoga practices. Once it gets going, it is self-sustaining in the body both inside and outside of practices. This is how we come to experience continuous ecstasy. The rising pleasure is good. It indicates the natural rise of the inner ecstatic biological functioning. We continue our practices as before, and we notice more and more pleasure coming up in them. That's how it goes. Practicing meditation after pranayama is as important as ever. During meditation, we don't deliberately do any of the practices we are doing in pranayama. If we find ourselves in mulabandha in meditation, we don't favor it or push it out. We just easily come back to the mantra. We want to keep our meditation as simple and pure as possible ? just that simple procedure of using the mantra. You may notice a change in experiences in meditation as more ecstatic energy is naturally flowing through the body after pranayama. Ecstasy is just one more thing that can be happening during meditation, like thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. We just easily favor the mantra, let it refine and disappear over and over again. This will make the rising sexual essences all the more pleasurable in the subtle nervous system. Meditation will be all the more effective as pure bliss consciousness rises, and permeates and expands inside the ecstatic energies coursing through the nervous system. Extraordinary joy! Now let's go up to the other end of the spinal nerve, to the point between the eyebrows, and do something there. Believe it or not, this has to do with stimulating the rise of sexual energy too. The guru is in you. Note: For detailed instructions on mulabandha, see the AYP Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas book. http://aypsite.com/55.html

When you choose to live your life as a Conscious Creator, through the passions of your Authentic Self instead of by default through you fears, all kinds of tools and techniques start to flow into your experience to help you on that journey. I was reminded of a great tool the other day while talking with a client that I thought you all may appreciate using from time to time to help in the Conscious Creation process.

“A day in the life of Authentic Me!” – A visualization tool

For some, this process can help you get clearer on your vision for the future. For others, this process will just help you strengthen the vision you already have in place that you are currently moving towards. As you put energy towards your vision through this process, it will assist you in aligning with the ideas,people, circumstances, & opportunities to help you bring that vision into reality.

Give yourself at least an hour for this process. Find a quiet, comfortable space where you can be alone. A park or library can be a nice option. You will also want some paper and something to write with. For some, drawing materials may also be helpful.

When you are sitting in your quiet, comfortable space and ready to start, close your eyes and do some form of centering to clear your mind. I recommend taking a few deep breaths and relaxing each part of your body from head to toe. Any other form of centering or meditation will work just as well.

When you feel fully centered, with your eyes still closed, imagine that you are being transported in time to a day in the future when you are fully living as your Authentic Self. The date and time is not relevant. Just know that you are living the life your soul came here to live. You are fully aware, and have released all your fears, doubts and questions and are just living as the Conscious Creator you truly are. Imagine that you are waking up in the morning in this fully conscious life. Before even opening your eyes take in the feelings of this way of being. Peaceful, calm, joy. Then as you wake up more, open your eyes (not literally, you are still visualizing) and take in the beautiful bed you are sleeping in that is perfect for you. As you look around what else do you notice that you love about the space you are in? You can take time to walk around your perfect house enjoying every aspect of it. Look out the window and notice the perfect scenery of this beautiful place where you live. Think about your upcoming day and all the fun things that you are so excited to do. What will you be doing from beginning to end? How will you spend your day? What, if any, kind of work will you be doing (if you are not sure what kind of work you want to be doing, don’t focus nearly as much on the specifics of the job but how it feels and what you love about that job)? What kinds of people will you be spending your time with? What classes, adventures or other fun activities are included in your day? Feel the feelings of gratitude, excitement, adventure, freedom, connection that all the above evokes. You can spend as much time living in this life as you want. You may play out your whole day from beginning to end. You may just visualize that morning and feel the anticipation and excitement for the day. Just let it flow from you naturally.

You can keep your eyes closed through this whole process and just dream away, or you may want to start writing after you have the essence of it and use the paper and pencil to help you flesh out the joyous details. There is no “right way”, just what works for you. The great thing about writing it down during your visualization process or after you are done is the ability to reread it and reference it to keep you focused on what you are creating.

Feel free to repeat this visualization exercise as often as you like. You can add to it each time offering even more clarity and excitement and going into other aspects of your life at that time.

Important Note: Remember that it is very important vibrationally to still take the time to appreciate what is good about your life now as well. This tool is very helpful to move you forward, but if you are putting tons of energy on hating where you are, you are not a vibrational match to the ideas, people and circumstances that will guide you to that life you are ready to create. It’s a balance. Make peace with where you are as you get excited about where you are going.  http://expandingjoycoaching.com/blog/



"Kundalini" has become a buzzword in many of the innumerable spiritual communities that span the globe these days. It has within it all the elements that attract people ? knowledge, power, mystery, intimacy, excitement, alchemy, romance, adventure, danger, ecstasy, and more. But what is kundalini, really? Put simply, kundalini is our connection between sex and spiritual transformation. There are a thousand ways to describe this, but in the end it boils down to the expansion of our sexual function into the spiritual arena, i.e., upward through our nervous system. Some say it is a "transformation" of sexual function, but that implies we are leaving our current sex life behind. "Expansion" of sexual function is a better description. As we consciously encourage the spiritual dimension of sex, maybe we will leave worldly sex behind, and maybe we won't. It is not for anyone to decide but us. It is our choice. Leaving sex behind is not a prerequisite for entering into advanced spiritual experience, not in these lessons, and not in life. For thousands of years, the spiritual traditions of the world have tried to keep a lid on sex, usually to the detriment of their adherents, and sometimes with disastrous results. Why? Because sex is the greatest force in humanity. If it is not coaxed in a productive direction, it can be destructive. Lacking reliable means to enable sex for spiritual transformation, the tendency of spiritual traditions has been to try and squelch it. It is a fruitless endeavor, this attempt to squelch. The genie always finds her way out of the bottle. It is not possible to keep her in there for long. When she is not coming out to make babies, she is expressing in every other way through humanity ? nurturing of the family, money gathering, the arts, philosophy, science, politics, empire building, charity, war, abuse, crime. You name it. Much of it is good. Some of it is horrible. For better or worse, it is all the expression of the life force in human beings, the expression of human prana. The great storehouse of prana in human beings is in the sexual anatomy. The key to spiritually managing sex is not in squelching it, but in giving it a natural channel to go in that will satisfy its evolutionary instincts. This takes some conscious doing. We need some more levers in the form of advanced yoga practices to facilitate the expansion of sex in a new and natural direction. So far, we have skirted the issue of sex in these lessons. We have mentioned the "huge storehouse of prana" near the base of the spine. We have talked about prana being "drawn up from the pelvic region" during pranayama. We have described the beginnings of ecstatic experience as prana moves through the spinal nerve and spreads out through us. And we have talked about pure bliss consciousness brought up in meditation illuminating us with pure joy from the inside through our pranayama-cultivated nervous system. In all this we have skirted the word "sex." We could continue to skirt it as we move into advanced yoga practices that directly stimulate our sexual function upward into greater manifestation in the process of spiritual transformation. But of what benefit would this continued skirting of the issue be? Certainly not to your benefit. We live in a highly scientific age. Above all, we want to know the truth of things, so we can apply it to better our lives, and the lives of others. Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Don't we know it? Look what science (the systematic application of truth) has done for us in just about every field of human endeavor. It is spectacular what humanity has done with truth so far. We have lagged miserably in only one area ? the systematic application of the spiritual truth inherent in our nervous system. Success in applying spiritual truth immediately addresses the ethical and moral problems of the world, and the widespread feelings of emptiness and insecurity that affect so many of us, even as we live in material comfort. The stakes are high, and we can't afford to skirt anything that has to do with applying spiritual knowledge in reliable ways. So, will we be talking about sexual energy in relation to spiritual development? You bet. A lot is riding on it. We will do so in a dignified way. Consider it to be an extension of your original education about the birds and the bees. Now it will be about the birds, the bees, and the angels. Along those lines. As we get into it, there will be some amazing surprises. It is like entering a second puberty. There is much more to be said about kundalini and the expansion of sexual functioning -- about the inner dynamics of it. We will get into that as we review direct experiences. For now, let's focus on letting that genie out of her bottle in a direction she naturally loves to go in, up into our pranayama-cultivated nervous system. It is her home, her temple. There is so much for her to do there, and we will give her lots of help. Besides wanting to give us a good housecleaning, she is looking for her lover there, and we will bring her groom to her. We'd better. She will raise all kinds of hell if we don't. We will talk about that too. We are speaking in simple metaphors here about a process that is embedded in our nervous systems, an evolutionary process that is completely natural. As we do a few specific things in our daily practice, nature will take over. The metaphorical language of kundalini is about nothing other than the inner dynamics of your own nervous system. So it is with the metaphorical language of every spiritual tradition. It is always about the human nervous system. The nervous system is the common link, the one thing that transcends all differences, the one thing that gives everyone equal access to the divine, regardless of race, religion, culture, upbringing, or station in life. Everyone can sense the truth inside, how special each of us is. We are always on the edge of knowing who and what we are. It is so close, a part of us, but seemingly just out of reach. No more. If you really want to you can know the truth and be set free, just like Jesus said. The essential ingredient in this is your desire. You can open your gateway to the infinite if you choose to. The guru is in you. Note: For detailed discussion on the role of ecstatic kundalini in the enlightenment process, see the AYP Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas book. For sexual techniques for awakening kundalini, see the AYP Tantra book. http://aypsite.com/54.html
Q: If I can find others who do this practice, can we meditate together in a group? I have heard there are benefits in this.

A: Group meditations are a good thing. Any gathering that is for the purpose of studying and encouraging paths of spiritual unfoldment can be good for you. If you can commune with others of like interest on a regular basis, there will be significant benefits, particularly in inspiring you to press forward with your daily practice. No doubt you will inspire others to practice as well. It is good to do a group meditation of ten minutes or so at the beginning or end of a gathering. You may structure your own discussion group, or you may be a guest at someone else's.

Regardless, you will find that group meditations have their own quality. They can be deep and pervasive as individual quieting minds mingle and reinforce each other. It is a noticeable effect, and radiates outward to the surroundings. It is good if members of the group are doing the same practice, but not mandatory, as long as all can operate quietly within the same time period. Group meditations are good for individual meditators, and uplifting for the world. Some people go for "guided meditations." You will not find this style of group meditation to be compatible with using the mantra, because your practice is for going inward quickly and efficiently.

As your meditation becomes habit, you will be gone within as soon as you close your eyes, and a talking meditation guide will be counter-productive for you. The same goes for meditations using music, chanting, drumming, etc. These all have their purpose and benefits, but are not compatible with taking the mantra inward quickly towards pure bliss consciousness. This is not to say you cannot participate in guided meditations, chanting, or whatever. But it will be a distinctly different procedure from your daily meditation using the mantra. You will find the connections that are appropriate for you with the many groups that are available. Or maybe you will start your own group geared to this open approach to advanced yoga practices. Whatever works for you.

Jesus said, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." This quote is not given from a sectarian point of view. It describes a well-known principle. When people gather for a spiritual purpose, consciousness is stimulated and rises. This rising can be experienced as deepening silence and pervading bliss consciousness. This experience occurs in every faith, in every gathering for a high spiritual ideal, in every gathering for truth. The group experience of pervading silent bliss consciousness is maximized during group meditations where multiple minds are systematically brought to quietness. Group meditations are not a substitute for your regular twice-daily meditations.

Your individual practice is your primary practice, and should always be. This keeps your spiritual destiny in your hands, in your daily practice, regardless of other circumstances. Groups come and go. Group meditations can be a wonderful boost, but they will come and go too. Don't rely on them as core practice. Think of them as bonuses. Life is always changing on the outside. Be sure that your daily practice is ingrained as an inside aspect of your life, not subject to being waylaid by outer events. We have talked about the various strategies for sustaining daily meditation practice in non-routine situations. Keeping your regularity in practice is very important as you travel along the byways of life. Whatever you ultimately choose your daily practice to be, this should be sacred.

It is your primary pathway inward. You can count on it, because you are committed to doing it every day without fail. Everything else is passing scenery, inspiring at times, and not so inspiring at other times. Lean toward the inspiring, let it light the fire of your desire for progress, and let your daily practice continue to do the work of ongoing inner purification. We will be adding additional practices for you to consider. You will build your own daily routine. A daily routine is the key. It is the surest path to enlightenment. Explore groups and engage in the ongoing discussion of spiritual transformation. You have entered a new realm of citizenry – spiritual citizenry. Bring your pure bliss consciousness to each gathering and to each group meditation. And always remember you are building your house daily upon the rock of pure bliss consciousness.

The guru is in you. Note: For detailed instructions on deep meditation, see the AYP Deep Meditation book. http://aypsite.com/37.html
One can see most anything in life as a blessing or a curse. That is the beauty of perspective. And for me, like anyone who has experienced an extended period of time in chronic physical pain knows, this choice is not always easy. Looking at it from my soul’s perspective, however, the blessings have become pretty clear – experiencing chronic pain in the physical body for a portion of my life has been one of the most valuable growth opportunities my soul could have possibly chosen.

A friend mentioned the other day that one of her goals for this year was to get more in touch with her body. Because she tended to be in good health, she noticed that she was often disconnected from her body and its needs until she was really run down and ended up with a cold or flu. I realized as I listened to her what a foreign concept that was to me. Disconnected from my body? Unaware of its needs? How could that be possible? I realized yet another blessing of choosing chronic pain as a part of the soul’s path.

Through my experience with chronic pain in my neck, joints, and digestive system (a result of Mercury poisoning, bulimia, a car accident and other factors chosen by my soul to “wake me up” over 12 years ago…) I became intimately connected with every little part of my body and how my emotions, beliefs and interactions with others affected it. I treated it horribly for years in my unconsciousness giving it physical and emotional poison and it responded with equal retaliation. Over time we had to learn to work as a team, listening to each other and honoring the other’s needs. It taught me to slow down, listen more before I act, and the deep importance of acceptance. And in turn I am now guiding it through the process of surrender, helping it to release anything it is still holding on to. I have learned how to flood it with love, light and deep appreciation and can feel how it is opening and softening as a result.

Being deeply connected to my body is just one of the wonderful benefits of my years of chronic pain. Over the years, this vessel has taught me so much about myself and ultimately we have become dear friends. I think of it as equivalent to a captain’s love for its boat. We have weathered every storm, initially at odds with each other and eventually as a cohesive team. And I am excited to know that our journey is still just beginning and that our connection over time will only deepen. Let us see, dear body, what this life has in store for us next…  http://expandingjoycoaching.com/blog/

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