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Spiritual Now’s online community is devoted to give a warm and friendly environment for all people interested in sharing ideas and information on spirituality, compassion, meditation and wisdom. Our forums and social network is place for like minded people to communicate and help each other down the spiritual path.

Many of the members of the spiritual community have become good friends and hold events open to all other members.

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Spiritual Now Community Features

We are constantly expanding our community features to include more ways for a members to communicate and stay in touch. If you have any suggestions please contact us, we appreciate your feedback.
  • Member Profiles: Our spiritual community offers all these great ways for our members to communicate and share wisdom with each other. Every member has there own space where they can post pictures, write blogs, make bulletins, instant message and add friends. You can also search for members who are on the same path as you, in hopes of giving or getting help, making friends, and even meeting in real life.

  • Community Forums Participate in our spiritual forums and add your incite to the many great subjects being discussed. Such as good meditation techniques, what it means to be enlightened, how to best serve others, and many more. We want your opinion and it is a great way to reach to others in the spiritual community.

  • Live Chat Rooms Want to talk share an experience you have had with some right now. Join our chartrooms or instant message members and start a discussion about spirituality. Are you having difficulties staying positive, or practicing? There is almost always in our chat rooms who can help. Our members are very positive people and are more than willing to share their wisdom with you.

  • Live Events and Retreats
    Spiritual Now is proud to offer an extensive list of events and retreats. It is absolutely essential to practice what you have learn and spiritual retreats or events are a great place to do this. We also will be holding our own events where the members of our spiritual community can meet in person.

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